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Liberty Academy

Earn Crypto


A new paradigm shift in education whereby your hours of hard work are rewarded in cryptocurrency.

- Our philosophy is that quality work should not only carry its own intrinsic rewards but also monetary ones as well.
- As you invest your valuable time, energy, and effort, you should be rewarded for it.
- Why can't students get rewarded for their work also? Actually, they can!

How it works:

Students can earn cryptocurrency:

Teachers and contributors (mentors, monitors, partners) can earn cryptocurrency by:

Note: As we are just re-launching and still need to determine how our various lessons and full courses will be given, it may take a few months before we decide how the reward system will be implemented. We ask for your patience and in the meanwhile we are open to suggestions.

Which cryptocurrency?

This has yet to be decided, but the contenders are: Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), LBRY Credits (LBC), 1776 Token.

Dash  Monero  LBRY  1776 Token

(Dash & Monero are privacy coins; LBRY and 1776 (from Freedom.social) are freedom-oriented platforms that don't censor users nor their contents.
We may use more than one type, or even create our own token. Suggestons are welcome; just drop us a line)

Donate Crypto:

As this academy is entirely self-funded, we appreciate and accept contributions and you can do so via following addresses:

100% of contributions will be allocated for student rewards!